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The W*U Hall is excited to announce a new reading/discussion/practice group. It is based at the anarchist info-shop, SubRosa, on Ohlone Territory in Santa Cruz, CA. This is an in-person group, but we are making the links to the readings, discussion questions and exercises available on this page of the W*U Hall site for anyone who is interested in connecting to this work from afar, either on their own on or in a group.

The intention of this group is to meet regularly with community, share ideas, learn and practice together at the intersection of magick, spirit and politics in order to build capacity, intimacy and a framework for other branches of collaboration to be created and supported.

We’d love to hear about other groups that pop-up… let us know if you have an interest in starting one. We have offered some resources below that readings but would also be happy to chat if that’s helpful.

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Money Magick for Financially Ambivalent Entrepreneurs…

artwork and photo by Aja Rose Bond


This is a quick, last minute shout-out for a free 1 hour webinar by Lasara Firefox Allen today, Wed August 17 at 6pm PST. I had the pleasure of taking it a few days ago and want to share the opportunity with any of you out there who identify with the clever title of this offering. I wrote Lasara to give her some feedback afterwards, here is an excerpt from what I wrote…

“I wanted to send a note to say how much I appreciated the webinar you offered. I thought it was really simple and effective. Your willingness to lay out some of your political and philosophical beliefs really helped me to open up to what you were offering as I have similar feelings about new-agey theories about manifesting that totally ignore the realities of oppression. I liked that you talked about women’s labor being undervalued and how you included men working in traditional women’s fields of work. In all the self-employment and even in social entrepreneurial trainings I have done, my politics have seemed to be a liability, my teachers where never able to engage me on the level that I needed to feel like I was bringing my whole self. I feel like I could do deep work with you based on this common ground. So thanks for all that. I am excited to dig into the workbook and get started on the exercises. I feel really called to it.”

So if this sounds at all intriguing, I recommend you check it out, get to know Lasara and her work because she’s amazing. Here is the link to register for the webinar, which you can go back to and watch as a recording later (as I did) and she even gives you a free 16 page pdf on Primer on Manifestation Magick if you stay to the end! I hope you join her.

Also, in the coming weeks I will be posting an in depth review of her brand new book, Jailbreaking the Goddess: a Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality, out on Llewellyn.