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Money Magick for Financially Ambivalent Entrepreneurs…

artwork and photo by Aja Rose Bond


This is a quick, last minute shout-out for a free 1 hour webinar by Lasara Firefox Allen today, Wed August 17 at 6pm PST. I had the pleasure of taking it a few days ago and want to share the opportunity with any of you out there who identify with the clever title of this offering. I wrote Lasara to give her some feedback afterwards, here is an excerpt from what I wrote…

“I wanted to send a note to say how much I appreciated the webinar you offered. I thought it was really simple and effective. Your willingness to lay out some of your political and philosophical beliefs really helped me to open up to what you were offering as I have similar feelings about new-agey theories about manifesting that totally ignore the realities of oppression. I liked that you talked about women’s labor being undervalued and how you included men working in traditional women’s fields of work. In all the self-employment and even in social entrepreneurial trainings I have done, my politics have seemed to be a liability, my teachers where never able to engage me on the level that I needed to feel like I was bringing my whole self. I feel like I could do deep work with you based on this common ground. So thanks for all that. I am excited to dig into the workbook and get started on the exercises. I feel really called to it.”

So if this sounds at all intriguing, I recommend you check it out, get to know Lasara and her work because she’s amazing. Here is the link to register for the webinar, which you can go back to and watch as a recording later (as I did) and she even gives you a free 16 page pdf on Primer on Manifestation Magick if you stay to the end! I hope you join her.

Also, in the coming weeks I will be posting an in depth review of her brand new book, Jailbreaking the Goddess: a Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality, out on Llewellyn.


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Beautiful Resistance #2: Call for Submissions


Beautiful Resistance is the journal of the Gods and Radicals website, which has become my favorite place to read anti-capitalist and radical political writing rooted in Earth-based spiritual frameworks. In November they released their first issue of the print and pdf journal (which I just picked up and I now hold in my hands! Excited to dive in…). They’re just announced the call for #2, which is due by March 1st.

Read the particulars here.

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What is Remembered Lives!


Obituary: The Witches of East Van (2008-2015)

On October 31, 2015, the magickal collective known as the Witches of East Van, or WOEVAN, passed from this world. This passing was conducted by a small ritual held at CRAB Park in the city of Vancouver, on the unceded territories of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Tsleil-Waututh, and Stó:lō people. The location of the ritual was a return to the same place where WOEVAN had first made itself public in a fiery ritual full of noise and revelry seven years earlier. WOEVAN was joined in body and spirit by former members, collaborators and allies.

WOEVAN was a collective of magickal people, many (but not all) self-identified witches, who organized as a community of mutual support, a hub for other politicized magical people and facilitators of public ritual. Initially a group whose main purpose was to support one-another in the challenging and at times dangerous process of “coming out of the broom closet,” WOEVAN evolved and transformed  according to the emerging needs of the group and the communities it drew to it.

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Trauma-Informed Conflict Transformation

Super excited to share another amazing course/offering from the one and only rain crowe. Read below about this in person and/or online class and if anyone in the Vancouver area wants to take it please be in touch so we can form a cohort together! All the info you need on this course can be found on rain’s website:


Finding ourselves in a perfect storm of global crises means we need to be able to move with agility into, and through, our personal and group conflicts. Internalized capitalism has influenced the way we engage conflict, and in addition, many of us are survivors of trauma. This course is aims to apply an anti-capitalist and trauma-informed approach to working with conflict.

For those of us dedicated to collective liberation and regenerative culture creation, it is imperative for our groups to become more prepared, more effective, and more resilient now. Ongoing patterns of conflict avoidance, and under-skilling, create more schisms in our groups and networks precisely when we need less of them. You are invited to join me in this exploration of some practical understandings about conflict, and of the enduring questions we face. I bring a container for the work, framing to explore the content, and some approaches and questions born of my own experiences as a conflict-worker. Your thoughts, tools, experiences, and questions are welcomed into this cauldron of collective wisdom.

~is an inevitable and natural part of our lives

~can produce unforeseen gifts and opportunities for short and long term benefits

~cannot be transformed through dualistic and reductionist strategies

~is embedded within the realm of circumstances and context, and lives inside the domain of complexity

~can be transformed through both structural and narrative adaptations

~exists within a matrix of relationships, and is therefore within the purview of a group’s responsibility

~is a product of intra and inter-personal, familial, and cultural experiences, attitudes, beliefs and teachings

~can be transformed through the acquisition and application of selective, accessible metaskills, attentive process design, and implementation of a comprehensive strategic vision

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Fascination can be a mark that you are being called by spirit, though a desire for plaster statues, tridents and trappings can be to mistake an aesthetic appeal for a genuine connection. You would be wise to keep your work more private than seeking approval for it on the shifting digital shores of fashion, or the back eddies of subculture. We already see many crass attempts to co-opt these spirits which do a great disservice to them and their lineage.

Peter Grey, A rose by any other name: Babalon and Pomba Gira via portionsofeternity

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Fungi are found throughout the world, often playing critical roles at the center of all ecological webs. As culturally important foods and medicines, as well as instigators of religious practices, they have been intimately tied to the development and spread of human societies. And yet, despite their numerous influences on the history of the world, fungi are completely disregarded by the majority of people today.

In 2006 Peter McCoy founded Radical Mycology, a grassroots organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the many ways to work with fungi for personal, societal, and ecological health. Nearly a decade later, McCoy has written Radical Mycology to share the wide array of skills and insights that have arisen from the organization’s international work to advance the science of appropriately applied mycology. Shattering commonly held beliefs on the value of the Fungal Queendom, Radical Mycology definitively explores the reasons that fungi should no longer be ignored but instead honored and embraced for the countless gifts they offer. The result is the most comprehensive book on mycology—the science of fungi—ever published.

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