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The W*U Hall will be tabling at the 5th Annual East Bay Anarchist Book & Conversation Event, Sat Dec 17, 10am at the Humanist Hall in Oakland. Almost 30 different tablers and lots of conversations including this one that piqued my interest, bleak as it presents:

At 12:30 PM:
The Spiritual Crisis of Anarchy

At some point, many Anarchists in North America will eventually cobble together enough experiences to gain an actual sense of self. At that point their lives will cease to be a desperate scramble to create and defend an insecure social identity, and the deeper question of how to relate to a complex universe will emerge. Their place in a reactionary teenage subculture will be revoked or refused, but sadly, most will turn to some mixture of politics, religious or secular monotheism, and humanism to seek answers. What would it mean to cultivate an amoral, anti-humanist spiritual practice that places one in direct relationship with a living world and offers the possibility of an actual Anarchist adulthood?