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Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged the W*U Hall from near and far! The Radical Spirits show was a huge success, a great turn out and was overflowing with so much positive energy. I can’t think of a better event for the “coming out” of this project! People were so generous with their feedback and excitement – with the added incentive of swag and prizes, all kinds of folks shared their dreams and visions for a radical, magickal community space and I feel very lucky to have been able to receive so much valuable information in such a short amount of time!

What I heard from almost everyone validated my thinking about the W*U so far. Those who shared spoke to a lot of the same concerns, hopes and desires I have been feeling for this project; complete accessibility, sparkles, workshops, skill shares, resources, rituals, openness, curiosity, art, an apothecary, witchy history,  meeting space, tarot readings and classes, spirituality grounded in anti-oppression and unsettling practices, acknowledgement of intersectionality, gender neutral washrooms, natural light, potions class, POC safe space, queers, sober dance  magick and generally a space to gather, connect and share freely! YES! All of the above and more, lets make it happen!

Thanks to Leah, Adriana and everyone who helped make this event possible. There was a lot of care put into it and the scrappy DIY approach made me feel quite at home!


witches-union-hall-radical-spirits-propaganda-project-002 witches-union-hall-radical-spirits-propaganda-project-001 witches-union-hall-radical-spirits-propaganda-project-004 witches-union-hall-radical-spirits-propaganda-project-005


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