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White Noise Collective

I was so so excited to get a tip about this group – The White Noise Collective doing anti-racist work for white women in the SF Bay area. Their list(s) of resources are long and I found some amazing writing there that is helping inspire the direction this project is heading. Specifically, I am unbearably curious about their workshop on cultural appropriations in spiritual practices – this has been an area of lots of discussion and concern around me for a while now. It’s one of the first issues I am hoping the W*U can help address in the form of conversations, writing and hopefully eventually a workshop. I am actively reaching out for support in how to do this as it feels like a big huge complicated subject. While I’m reading, talking, thinking about this so much, I often feel like I have to learn more about these kinds of subjects before coming out and talking about them in a kind of public way. Some things I read from one of the WNC resources; Andrea Smith’s writing on “The Problem with Privilege” left me feeling like the only way to get through these tangled webs is to act collectively. First, a quote from Judy Vaughn, “You don’t think your way into a different way of acting; you act your way into a different way of thinking”. Secondly, this bit from the essay;

There is no simple anti-oppression formula that we can follow; we are in a constant state of trial and error and radical experimentation.   In that spirit then, I offer some possibilities that might speak to new ways of undoing privilege, not in the sense of offering the “correct” process for moving forward, but in the spirit of adding to our collective imagining of a “beyond.”   These projects of decolonization can be contrasted with that of the projects of anti-racist or anti-colonialist self-reflexivity in that they are not based on the goal of “knowing” more about our privilege, but on creating that which we cannot now know.

There is something very magickal in this – I feel like all the most potent witchy work I have ever done, in community and on my own, has been towards this – creating that which we cannot now know.


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