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cascadia_campAs a long-time participant and new organizer of Free Cascadia Witchcamp I would like to spread the word about how to go about registering this year, for anyone who’s interested! For those who don’t know FCWC is a week-long intensive DIY magickal gathering of activists, witches and dreamers that explores Reclaiming-inspired magic, ritual, and activism for all levels of experience, while creating and tending culture centered around weaving collective magic to aid and support each other and the earth.

This years camp (the 10th anniversary) will happen somewhere in Southern Oregon from July 20-26 (specific location and other info is offered upon registration).

Free Cascadia Witchcamp has recently committed to a Radical Access Statement. This was created through a process of community discourse, self examination and education around accessibility issues in our community.

Read it here: Radical Access Statement

In an effort to realize Free Cascadia Witchcamp’s (FCWC) value of Radical Access, we intentionally welcome a diversity of ages, sexual orientations, races, gender identities, classes, dis/abilities, spiritual experiences and heritages, histories  and legacies of oppression. Radical Access means designing our camp, our systems and our Magick so that we welcome a plethora of needs, because we know diversity is central to our resilience as a community and to our activism in the world.

We understand that saying that we do not discriminate is not enough. In our community, the dominant cultures are 20-something, queer, white, able bodied, activist witches. We want to prioritize the attendance of people with certain marginalized experiences. This year, we would like to invite people of color, people who self identify as olders/elders, people with special access needs to register 2 weeks prior to open registration.  If you identify as one of those people, you may also wish to invite someone to support you at camp and therefore we are including a plus one spot for each of our campers who are participating in the priority registration process. Plus one campers will need to register during the 2 week priority registration time. The mean age of campers at FCWC is about 25, and we would love to see more people over 40 at our camp. If you have questions about our site, if we are going to be able to meet your needs, or wondering if you fall into the Priority Registration category, please contact us. We are committed to open conversation.

This year we are moving away from a first come, first served model. Please be sure to give yourself ample time to fill out all the information and answer the questions.

We have limited space at our camp and encourage you to get your application in promptly.

Click here to link to Priority Registration (open May 15-29)  & Regular registration (open June 5)

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