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Calling Ourselves Home: Feeling for the Path of Right Relationship

I feel very grateful to be able to share this bit of writing and audio recording of a presentation/process recently shared by my dear friend Rain Crowe. She has been doing amazing work for years, which she has named: Calling Ourselves Home. She offered this piece of the work at the Cascadia Rising Bioregional Confluence last month and is offering a day-long intensive of this same piece in Portland OR on June 1.

Here is a link to the audio recording of the presentation, which is about 40 minutes long. 

Below is some writing relating to the presentation and the upcoming intensive. For more information about this work, the upcoming workshop or to read more of Rain’s writing go to


To those of us of Indo-European descent, living here on unceded indigenous lands, I offer this inquiry and framing, that we might together find a courage to face, what we must, for the sake of the imperiled web of life.

  • What is “whiteness” and how do we accountably reckon with the privileges of settler colonialism as we endeavor to cultivate a sacred relationship to lands that are not our biological and cultural forebears’?
  • How do we recognize the patterns of conquest, slavery, entitlement, and estrangement in our lives and work to intervene in replicating them?
  • What are the relationships between grief, shame, vulnerability, and action, in the context of decolonizing ourselves?
  • How do we continue to simultaneously compost the culture of Empire and regenerate non-appropriated Earth cultures?
  • What are some approaches to collectively healing inter-generational trauma and cross-cultural trauma?

Raine Crowe is the founder of Calling Ourselves Home, a body of work dedicated to cultivating the arts of interdependent relationships through group facilitation, mediation, and educational opportunities. She is a regenerative culture events organizer who works with spiritual, political, rewilding and intentional communities all over the country. She teaches and writes about magic and ritual, the ancestral skills of council making and restorative conflict transformation, systems thinking in radical organizing and ecstatic connection to the sacred.


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