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Another gift of insight and connection
from Teri Parsley Starnes Follow the Moon Blog:new-moon

May 28—New Moon: Dreaming. The lunar cycle begins today with a Gemini inbreath. Gemini just may be the airiest of the air signs. Because it is a mutable sign, Gemini is expert at shapeshifting, delights in learning, and craves sharing information. The sign of the Twins evokes all types of polarities and the dance between them. Like a dandelion seed floating on the breeze, Gemini gets somewhere by being carried by the air. It can look like there isn’t a plan, but that is the tricky nature of this sign. The plan is the process itself. Breathe in. Molecules in that breath connect us to very formation of this planet. Breath out. We’ve just participated in a grand, and impossibly complex moment of co-creation. Breathing has impact. Effort can take many forms.

What will you dream into being this lunar cycle? How will you be inspired by the mysteries of breath and thought? After the gravity of the last lunar cycle, it’s possible that the most profound thing we could do now is lighten up. An inbreath. A mutable moment. Geminis are often not taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean that the Gemini superpower isn’t incredibly important anyway. We can either think that floating from thought to thought is just a pleasant way to spend a spring day, or we can think we are keeping the very fabric of reality in place; it doesn’t matter. Gemini will still do what Gemini does best. Let that breath fill you. Then let it go. Another breath is on its way.

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