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From Follow the Moon by Teri Parsley-Starnes:

June 27—New Moon: Dreaming. The Cancer New Moon calls us to step into the ease and flow of summer (in the northern hemisphere).  Summertime is when “the living is easy,” but that doesn’t mean it is easy to let ourselves embrace ease. Even so, I believe magic happens when we align intention with the call from the Moon. With this magic we can better see what we need. We can mindfully and lovingly invite a change in the way we treat ourselves. We can receive the blessing of water, the elemental signature of Cancer, to release patterns, tenderly wash our pains and wounds, and quench our thirsty souls.

Water is an ally for gentle as well as powerful transformation. I’ve been thinking recently about rivers, currents, and oceans as three symbols for the water signs. Cancer’s affinity for family reminds me that a river is a family of many streams. Each time a stream joins the river, the river becomes more powerful. Its flow increases. The strong current gorges out deeper channels through the earth and becomes, like Scorpio, transformative. Finally the river meets the ocean at the river delta, where all these many streams and powerful currents diffuse into a broad area of swamp and marsh to join the Pisces ocean of being.

So, to join the river is the beginning of a powerful journey—a Cancer journey. The time of Cancer invites us to recognize where we have come from and where we belong. The river is built upon our pasts, is changed by present choices, and carries us all into possible futures. The magic of the river is to be in the flow of this becoming.

The chart for today shows the stressors we’ve been living with for a while—Mars opposes Uranus, with Pluto squaring them both. This t-square of planets in cardinal signs impels us to take action, especially around the issues of power, justice, and authenticity. After a cycle of mutability, which has not entirely gone away since Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini along with Venus in Gemini and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, we’ve still got plenty of new information to integrate as we prepare to take action. The Sun and Moon in Cancer along with Jupiter in Cancer play a big role in guiding these actions. Jupiter is significant because it will leave Cancer during this lunar cycle to spend about a year in the next sign, Leo. After a year of transiting Cancer, Jupiter has expanded our capacity to know what we care about, to recognize the importance of home and family, and to investigate the ways we nurture. When under stress, one Cancer response is to get protective. The root cause of this protectiveness is a desire to help the river flow strongly to the sea. Can we be both protective and open to the flow? We get to explore such things this lunar cycle.


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