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Another post from Teri Parsley Starnes blog Follow the Moon new moon woman

July 26—New Moon: Beginning. This New Moon in Leo comes along right after Jupiter’s ingress into Leo for a year. The Sun and Moon conjunction is just one degree past Jupiter in the chart for the New Moon. The beginning of this lunar cycle is infused with the influences of this newly-initiated Jupiter journey through the sign of solar radiance. Lion-hearted Leo represents the ways we shine, wish to shine, and support each other’s shining. Each one of us has a Sun in our birth charts—the center of our personal constellations. Together we are a collection of Suns in a solar system of the one Sun. The sign of Leo reminds us that each of us emanates light from an essential Self. This light is life force. In the previous Cancer lunar cycle, the Moon helped us deepen into the fertile darkness of emotion. From that foundation, we expand outward into what the Sun gives us—light and life.

Mars in Scorpio squares the trio of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Leo. What are you fighting for right now? Is it to be seen, to be felt, to know that you matter? Are you fighting for life? The complex relationship between Scorpio and Leo provides a challenge, how hard will you fight for your essential life force? The easy reaction is to let this passion erupt as anger. To move deeper past anger you may want to ask yourself, What is my essential self and how will I serve this radiance? Scorpio’s challenge is to dare to look under the surface to discover what is really driving us. This is a powerful way to see the light that radiates from each of us.


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