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young_moonFollow the Moon by Teri Parsley-Starnes

August 25—New Moon: Dreaming. The animating dream of this season involves the alchemical power of Virgo. This power combines the life-force energy of the Sun with life-sustaining energy of the Earth. The elixir created by this fusion gives us the ability to renew ourselves, to gain wholeness, and to dedicate ourselves to worthy work and service. This power exists and Virgo suggests the ways to achieve it. No wonder so many Virgos seem like they are driven to improve everything—including themselves. The first thing to be addressed with such potent possibility is self-care, self-acceptance, and practices that can help us maintain these qualities. This lunar cycle I am going to pay extra attention to my daily practice. Virgo’s sphere of influence are the ordinary events of everyday life, including daily practice. Virgo’s desire for integration gives great support for ascertaining which practices will actually help us achieve wholeness. One of my teachers offers this list of qualities for a daily practice. They can be combined into one practice or several depending on the time available. She suggests that every day one’s practice should include: 1) something that brings stillness; 2) something that is active; 3) something that is inward gazing; 4) something that engages with life-force energy; and 5) something that is devotional. I like this list, as I can vary what I do daily but still cover all the requirements of my body, mind, and soul.

The chart for the New Moon shows us what we can align with to support our practices and what to look out for as challenges to them. Mercury in Virgo is strongly placed as an ally. Mercury rules Virgo and operates as the master alchemist. This stimulates us to come up with systems and solutions. The warning is that too much mental agitation can create stress, especially since Mercury is quincunx Uranus (agitator planet extraordinaire). The aspect between Mercury and Uranus is part of a more complex pattern called a Yod. Uranus is at the apex of the triangle with Mercury in Virgo and Mars and Saturn in Scorpio as the base. Mercury, Saturn, and Mars invite us to slow down even as we also register the Uranian need for immediate change. This is a paradox and not easy energy to hold. Daily practice can help. With so many overwhelming events and changes happening in the world right now, we are invited to listen to what our bodies and our nervous systems need to maintain wellness. Mars and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio is a picture of determination. Some people will be entrenched in negative behavior but we all have the choice to use this energy for transformative healing through practices of stillness and observation. We have support for setting firm intentions.


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