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samhain2014WOEVAN (Witches of East Van) is hosting a public ritual on Thursday October 30.

Join us as we weave the world as it is, was, and shall be.

We invite you to experience the weaving of multiple overlapping myths as we explore change, destruction, creation, time, and shadow.  Consider the story of the three weavers – embodied through the maiden, mother, and crone – who are responsible for weaving and cutting the individual threads of our lives into the tapestry of the universe.  Consider the story of the Baba Yaga who represents the mother of the forest, who takes the rot of our lives and turns it into food for new souls. Consider the rip, the wound, the hurt that has accumulated over generations that we are now charged with mending. There is a potent thread that runs through these myths – bring yours and work this magic with us.

If you feel called to join us, please write us at and we will provide all the info you will need.


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