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Better Late Than Never!

So many amazing folks came out to help make these fabulous 12 ft tall elemental drag queen puppets as part of the Queer Block for the People’s Climate March in NYC this Sept. I was so happy to be able to connect with such a powerful crew of magickal queers while in NY for my first time – here are some photos I took that day! Thanks to everyone who showed up to make the block so sparkly. One spectator commented wistfully as we passed by, “GAY PEOPLE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL…

witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-025 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-024 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-023 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-022 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-021 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-020 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-019 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-018 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-017 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-016 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-015 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-014 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-013 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-012 witches-union-hall-queer-planet-peoples-climate-march-011



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