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From Teri Parsley-Starnes’ amazing blog, Follow the Moon.

Moon enters Sagittarius
November 22—New Moon: Dreaming.
Scientists just successfully landed a spacecraft on a comet. Do we really have to accept the tired, old limitations of the past? Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, exploration, and freedom from confinement. Imagine an impossible goal—your own comet soaring through a frozen darkness—and leap towards it. There is a distinct possibility you could nail the landing.

This is the second lunar cycle in a row that begins at 0 degrees (the very first degree of a sign). The pattern will hold for the Capricorn and Aquarius lunar cycles as well. What this means is that the Sun and Moon enter Sagittarius at the same time. This doesn’t happen often and it feels like a supercharging of the lunar cycle and the sign’s season all at the same time. We felt this last month with Scorpio. The same is true this cycle. Supercharged Sagittarius is fun! Really, if you happen to be a person who is suspicious of fun this could be the challenge for you—to dare to embrace joy as we seek life’s meaning and purpose. It takes all types to complete the human family. The Sagittarius type can be criticized for having too much fun, but this isn’t fair. There is purpose here too. One that I can think of is the renewal of fire’s energy after a somewhat gloomy, waterlogged Scorpio season. We need to re-kindle joy. It helps us move forward.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. In the New Moon chart, Jupiter in Leo is square to Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. Perhaps we feel the push and pull between joy and somber realities. Rather than make anyone the bad guy, how do we make room for both as we transition into the Sagittarius season? Truth sometimes feels simple but is actually quite complex and contradictory. When we latch onto a too-simple truth, a bit of us knows we are only fooling ourselves. This is a good way to look at the dynamic between Jupiter and Saturn right now. Saturn and Mercury are making sure we don’t settle for the simplistic truth.

Complexity doesn’t end there. The square between the Sun and Moon to Neptune in Pisces represents another possible dead end on our way to fun and meaning. I’m just going to share Neptune’s bad side here (squares can bring that side out). Neptune has a tendency to melt everything together. Yet, we need boundaries and definition. We are not all alike, nor do we have to devolve into one gloopy mess in order to find The Truth. Diversity is good. Challenge to my beliefs can lead to more meaning and even more fun. Are you up for this type of challenge to your worldview?

Begin to dream about your own personal comet right now. How will fun play a role in daring to begin your next adventure? Opening our minds can be so liberating!


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