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THE BURNING TIMES NEVER ENDED: new online class with rain crowe

The Burning Times Never Ended: Ancestral Resistance and The Movement Today

Wednesday evenings: Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28 and Feb. 5, 12—2015 6pm to 9pm each night PST Web conferencing distance learning format.

How does the legacy of the witch hunts impact our magick and political organizing today?

What does it mean for us as witches and activist-organizers to deliberately grow our radical political analysis together?

How can healing the historical trauma of the burning times strengthen your work as a maker of new worlds?

This class is for you if you:

—  Desire a deeper understanding of how racism, misogyny and homophobia are intertwined with and necessary for capitalism to thrive.
—  Need skills to regenerate community in our movements today.
—  Realize that our ancestors of path have wisdom, strategy, and values that can support our work.
—  Want to understand how contemporary grand jury subpoenas are reproductions of the inquisitions of old.
—  Want the skills and energy to most effectively intervene in capitalism and irrevocably end its destruction our only home.

This six week class will draw mainly on the book Caliban and the Witch, with excerpts from Green is the New Red, The Shock Doctrine, Women Who Run with Wolves, Rewilding Witchcraft and other supplemental articles. Class times will have “lecture”, breakout discussions, some guided visualizations and basic spellwork. Students will receive resources and tools for engaging personal traumas that might arise.

The book Caliban and the Witch, by Sylvia Federici examines the historical European climate between the village market economy and the rise of capitalism, and all that needed to happen for it to take root and become what it is today. It also reveals the rich ancestry of uprising and other forms of political and social resistance from which we may draw upon in our own struggles for social and environmental justice.

Learn how land enclosures, exploitation of workers, persecution of the impoverished, interruption of gender solidarity, criminalization of the wild, magic, and the feminine, control of sexuality, and the mechanization of the body were all necessary undertakings for capitalism to take root. Learn about how institutionalized oppression (in particular misogyny and homophobia) is foundational to its existence.

Come and explore the following questions posed by the book:

  • What needed to happen legislatively, judicially, economically, medically, and socially for the witch hunts to happen as voraciously as they did?
  • How are the Mid-Atlantic slave trade and the conquest of the New World related to the witch hunts?

And from my own understanding and analysis about:

  • What is historical trauma and how does that of the burning times still play out in modern times, through betrayal, competition, scarcity, submission, control, and punishment?
  • How are the inquisitions of old similar to contemporary grand jury subpoenas?
  • How do we use the learnings in class to regenerate the reproduction of community in our movements today?
  • Where can we apply our skills and energy to most effectively intervene in capitalism to irrevocably end its death grip on the world?
  • How do we feed our ancestors of path and draw on their wisdom, strategy, values, and consciousness today?
  • How and where are witches still targeted and punished today?
  • How do we rewild our magic in service of liberation-political and otherwise?

Participants are requested to register in pairs/groups of at least two people and are expected to meet together to attend class. This is to share internet resources and to ensure that due to the content, there is adequate participant support pre and post class if needed, and because it fosters practical application of the learning in community. If this feels challenging or impossible, get in touch with me right away.

Registration is in scales:

2 person group-$125/person

3 person group-$100/person

4+ person group-$75/person

Access to audio recordings (not including breakout group discussions)-$50/person

Some scholarship is available in order to help me have a right livelihood and to make things financially accessible for you.

This class is offered through a distance learning platform utilizing the latest in call-in and web conferencing technology. Participants will engage a live teaching with others from across the country. Sessions will be recorded for later access. Some reading is assigned for each session. A google drive folder will be available to access document files and videos and an online group for student discussions between classes.


To have magical people growing their radical political analysis together with radical people who are growing their magic.

To strengthen the ties between these groups and nourish alliances for future work together.

To further reveal and take sustenance from the inheritance of a resistance and resilience in the context of deeper time.

To continue to heal the historical trauma of the burning times.

Please forward this to interested parties, groups, lists, classmates and so forth. I don’t have an extensive PR system and rely almost exclusively on word of mouth to get the word out. to register in order to Thank you for any and all support.

To register go here:



  1. Thank you so much Witches Union Hall! And, in my original post I gave the wrong dates-ooh. The correct dates are Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28, and Feb. 5, 12. Blessed be.

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