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young_moonMoon enters Aquarius 6:49 am CST

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January 20—New Moon: Dreaming. Once again, the lunar cycle begins at zero degrees of a sign. (This also happened in the Sagittarius and Capricorn cycles.) This time the New Moon is at zero Aquarius, a potent degree for a sign that is so much about the future. Zeros mean the slate is clean. Zeros say anything is possible, and that energy fits perfectly with Aquarius. Archetypes resonant with Aquarius are the scientist, the revolutionary, the visionary, and the coder and decoder of patterns. As Fixed Air, this sign loves the rarified atmosphere of space. Sometimes Aquarius can be too detached or too abstract, but often Aquarius can be brilliant, especially if we can sprinkle in a bit of empathy and humility.

As we progress through the month we’ll have the opportunity to cultivate a balance between intellect and emotion. Mars, Neptune, and Chiron in Pisces bring the heart into futuristic vision. These Pisces planets will be challenged by Saturn in Sagittarius to manifest concrete practices around what we are feeling. There’s a temptation to lose track of the vision when we are immersed in emotion. Saturn is asking for a more strenuous investigation of what we are feeling. The questions to ask ourselves when overcome with emotion, and this could be positive emotions too, are: Where does this feeling come from? Does this emotion blur boundaries and create confusion? Am I confusing a feeling (Pisces) with a truth (Sagittarius)? Discernment helps us to look past the first response to notice root causes.

Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. These planets show us how Aquarian visions are being manifested currently. Saturn in Sagittarius asks for discernment about what is foreign to us; has us creating revolution through assessment of values, especially religious ones; and wants us to be more disciplined about freedom. Ideals aren’t enough. Uranus in Aries adds the fire quality of impatience to the revolution. Uranus has been in Aries since 2011. Change is speeding up. This lunar cycle may feel like someone just engaged the hyper drive on this space ship of ours. A constant drumbeat of change gets another interesting influence this lunar cycle: At the New Moon, Uranus is exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon. With the South Node emphasis on karma, this could mean collectively that we need to account for rash actions of the past. Maybe, we will realize that war and violence aren’t the answers. Perhaps we can move toward a revolution that is sustainable and lasting if we break with past methods.

The wild card in this lunar cycle is that Mercury is stationary and will turn retrograde tomorrow in Aquarius. Until February 11, when Mercury turns direct, all bets are off on things proceeding as we expect them to. This doesn’t mean disaster, but it does mean even more than usual for a Mercury retrograde, that we need to accept setbacks with a sense of humor and curiosity. What can we learn, right now, about our assumptions? Mercury is a bridge builder between polarities. A good intention for this airy lunar cycle could be to cultivate curiosity and open-mindedness. Mercury will bring us surprising insights if we do.

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