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Propaganda Project pdfs

Witches Union Hall Propaganda Project 006A friend just got in touch asking for pdfs of the posters in the Propaganda Project Series so they can bring them around on a musical tour over the next couple weeks. I have finally gotten around to putting the files here on the website so anyone can download and print off copies of these posters.

These are totally meant to be shared AND I will make the request that if anyone is accepting donations for the posters or the zine beyond the cost of printing them out that you donate that money to the W*U Hall or an organization that reflects similar values – land defense, anti-racist action, free witchcamp, something to that effect! There’s a donate button for the W*U Hall on the workshop & zine page, just make a note about what it’s for. ENJOY!

The links to the pdfs:











    • gmsmg

      OK! I think they’re finally fixed. They worked all along on the main page, but not on the blog post. Thanks for the heads up – propaganda posters for all!!!!

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