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breaking_looseRon Sakolsky is a writer, scholar, poet, surrealist and radical originally from Brooklyn, living for the last many years on Denman Island. He has written and edited many amazing books and texts as well as creating an ongoing surrealist publication called Oystercatcher and frequently contributing to a pirate radio where he lives.

His new book is called Breaking Loose: Mutual Acquiescence or Mutual Aid, from the back cover reads this summary;

What I have termed “mutual acquiescence” is the social adhesive that
cements the bricks of alienation and oppression that structure our
daily lives into a wall of domination known as consensus reality. Mutual acquiescence is a major obstacle to the practice of anarchist “mutual aid” in that the latter is concerned with providing the cooperative means for vaulting that wall.

With that in mind, I take the liberty here of referring to the concept
of mutual aid only in the fullest anarchist sense, and will consider
those cooperative human relationships associated with welfare state
capitalism and state socialism as being built upon forms of mutual
acquiescence because of their implicit or explicit statist assumptions,
which run counter to anarchy.

Come out to celebrate the launch of Ron’s new book at one of these 3 places:

Nov 30, Spartacus Book, Vancouver
Dec 3, Left Bank Books, Seattle
Dec 7, Cenote, Victoria

or pick up the book on Little Black Cart Books




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