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Trauma-Informed Conflict Transformation

Super excited to share another amazing course/offering from the one and only rain crowe. Read below about this in person and/or online class and if anyone in the Vancouver area wants to take it please be in touch so we can form a cohort together! All the info you need on this course can be found on rain’s website:


Finding ourselves in a perfect storm of global crises means we need to be able to move with agility into, and through, our personal and group conflicts. Internalized capitalism has influenced the way we engage conflict, and in addition, many of us are survivors of trauma. This course is aims to apply an anti-capitalist and trauma-informed approach to working with conflict.

For those of us dedicated to collective liberation and regenerative culture creation, it is imperative for our groups to become more prepared, more effective, and more resilient now. Ongoing patterns of conflict avoidance, and under-skilling, create more schisms in our groups and networks precisely when we need less of them. You are invited to join me in this exploration of some practical understandings about conflict, and of the enduring questions we face. I bring a container for the work, framing to explore the content, and some approaches and questions born of my own experiences as a conflict-worker. Your thoughts, tools, experiences, and questions are welcomed into this cauldron of collective wisdom.

~is an inevitable and natural part of our lives

~can produce unforeseen gifts and opportunities for short and long term benefits

~cannot be transformed through dualistic and reductionist strategies

~is embedded within the realm of circumstances and context, and lives inside the domain of complexity

~can be transformed through both structural and narrative adaptations

~exists within a matrix of relationships, and is therefore within the purview of a group’s responsibility

~is a product of intra and inter-personal, familial, and cultural experiences, attitudes, beliefs and teachings

~can be transformed through the acquisition and application of selective, accessible metaskills, attentive process design, and implementation of a comprehensive strategic vision

This a three-part cumulative course:

Part 1:

  • Theories about and approaches to conflict: conventional, restorative, transformative, trauma-informed
  • A strategic preparation plan: Anticipate, Contain, Transform
  • Resources and tools for conflict “first-aid” skills, and conflict “meta-skills”

Part 2:

  • Recurring dynamics and phenomena:

            ~Shadow projections and conflation of issues, aka: the   floodgate
~Shaming & exile
~Lateral/horizontal aggression or misidentifying the adversary (systems of oppression)
~Pathologizing people who “act out” or have mental health struggles
~Leadership: abuse of power, earned authority in “leaderless” groups, visibility, risk, fallibility
~Fear of owning responsibility for mistakes or transgressions
~Capacity: too much, not enough, we’re tired of conflict

  • Process Toolkit: circles, councils, World Work, Zegg forum, and more…
  • Accountability processes: best practices & common mistakes

Part 3:

  • Complex conflict:

               ~Mapping skills
~What happens when there are overlapping oppressions and/or historical trauma in the room?

~How to have regenerative response in survivor support with authentic accountability for perpetrator

  • Forming a conflict transformation collective

I am working to bring in some amazing guest presenters and collaborators to speak on some of the specific topics.


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