Witches Union Hall Propaganda Project 01 001The Witches* Union Hall is a project that uses mutual aid to create media and spaces dedicated to education, skill sharing, cultural events, critical dialogue and organizing within a community based on similar values and spiritual practices.

The W*U Hall is proposing that Magick is a form of labor and an Earth-based spiritual community grounded in radical politics can access and adapt the organizational structure of unions to support this work. Within a set of shared values around social & environmental justice, intersectionality and unsettling we can provide mutual aid and pool our resources to create a Witches* Union Hall that can take form in temporary, mobile and indefinite manifestations. With community space(s) dedicated to our shared values and spiritual practices that also honors diversity of experience and expression, we can build our capacity for organizing, skill sharing, cultural events and move towards ally-ship with other groups that have common goals. This model will be one that can be shared and adapted by communities in other places who also wish to create dedicated radical, magickal spaces. The intent of this project is to test this theory through research, writing, conversation and action. The ongoing results will be shared as a kind of commons.

So mote it be.


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