How deepening our understandings of settler-colonialism, race and privilege can help us reland our practices with humility, accountability and reciprocity

THE ZINE we’ve created to accompany and support this work is finally ready to share! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this work. We have 2 versions – one for printing off, folding and stapling in booklet form <Print> and a version for reading online <Read>. The worksheets (which we put as the centerfold of our print zines) and the cover are separate documents. If you would like to order a copy of the zine from us, just donate $3 minimum (our cost) plus shipping (from canada to wherever you are) and make a note in your donation that you would like us to send it.

Cultural Appropriation in Spirituality_ Print
Cultural Appropriation in Spirituality_Read

Cultural Appropriation in Spirituality_Cover
Social Position Worksheet
Spectrograph Worksheet

The proceeds of our zine will be put towards securing a physically and financially accessible space for the next iteration of our workshop, likely to take place here on unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver BC). Many thanks for all the support we’ve received and thanks so much for all the wonderful feedback you’ve given us about this work.

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In this co-created workshop, we explore the ways in which cultural appropriation may displace, discredit and disrupt our best intentions to be respectful, loving, spiritual beings. We explore intersectionality–the interconnection of experiences of oppression and privilege in different areas of our lives–and the ways that the mysteries of spirit further complicate these already very complicated issues. In an open-hearted and non-judgmental space, every participant is encouraged and supported to find their own truths and to access the tools, support and resources they may need to continue on their magickal path with deepening awareness, accountability, empowerment and humility.

The path’s arc explores in depth this quote from Starhawk, an elder and founder of the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft;

“Cultural appropriation is taking from the ancestors without a commitment to their descendents. So don’t lay claim to knowledge or spiritual teachings or entitlements you haven’t earned, then relax, enjoy and get on with the work that will benefit the generations to come.”

We use a number of magickal and critical tools, including ritual, trance, theater, spectrographs, journaling, inquiry and discussion. In sacred space, we anchor to our core worth, creating and holding a strong container so that we can show up with our whole selves, embodied and present for the work–the art of changing consciousness at will. Magick!

TOP 12 RESOURCES for this work:

1. How to Talk to Someone About Privilege Who Doesn’t Know What That Is by Jamie Utt:

2. Five Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism by Sarah Milstein:

3. Choosing not to look away: Confronting Colonialism in Canada by David Camfield and Monique Woroniak

4. The Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation by Jarune Uwajaren:

5. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race – Jay Smooth TED talk (10 min. video)

6. Calling Ourselves Home: by Rain Crowe (40 min audio)

7. White Privilege as an Addiction by Gail K Golden:

8. White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men (a short documentary):

9. Yellow Apparel: when the coolie becomes cool (30 min documentary in 3 parts) (part 1)

10. Holding the Tensions: Whiteness vs. European Cultural Identity by Jamie Utt

11. Hinduism, Indo Paganism and Cultural Appropriation, by Jason Pitzl-Waters

12. Honoring or Appropriation: What’s the Difference? a panel discussion at Pantheacon moderated by T. Thorn Coyle and presented on episode #77 on her blog Elemental Castings.




  2. Hello! I’ve been interested in attending BCWC for a few years. I haven’t attended for a few different reasons. One is that I don’t resonate with the stories/themes and feel uncomfortable because it feels like cultural appropriation to me.
    I received an email from a friend outlining the CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IN SPIRITUALITY path. Is this a “for sure” offering at this coming BCWC? If so, I’m interested in signing up and attending.

    Whom can I contact to know more? thanks! (you can email me directly at mparadise01 at

    • gmsmg

      Well, we’re still trying to raise the funds to be able to attend. You can help make it happen by sharing the link to the page and donating!

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    • gmsmg

      Hey Andrew!
      Not sure if we’ve met before…
      This is Aja from the W*U Hall. I noticed you mentioned our project on your blog and I wanted to say thanks and mention that I would be interested in talking to you about how to bring this work and make it more accessible and relevant to the rad fae community here in Vancouver. We launched it at the Wolf Creek sanctuary last summer at Free Cascadia witchcamp and it seems like there’s some resonance with that community, especially the younger folks. If you’re interested in brainstorming, let me know. I am not very connected to Fae folk here but I always imagined there could be some cross over via the W*U Hall platform. We’re working on a non-reclaiming focused iteration of the workshop to launch here in the spring and we’re really open to ideas for how to make it feel open to all sorts of folks.
      I really like your blog! Thanks for bringing up this hard stuff in your community.
      c/0 W*U Hall
      Take care

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  6. rubygrad

    I’d like to donate, especially to receive a copy of the zine, but the donate button doesn’t seem to be working.

    • gmsmg

      Hmmm, ok. Let me check it out. I had a recent PayPal fiasco and that might be why. The zine is available for free download in the meantime!

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